What Kind of Sites Are Being Affected by the Google Panda Update?

The Google Panda Update is an update to its algorithms released by Google, the world’s largest search engine. The Google Panda Update is designed to demote sites Buy Google Reviews that scrape or imitate content from other sites around the internet, a reminder of just how forceful Google can be when it comes to dealing with duplicate content. While this has boosted the ranking of some of the sites like YouTube or Vimeo, it has had a negative effect on many sites.

What Sites have Been Affected by the Google Panda Update?

The sites that appear to have been hit hardest are those that are known as “content farms”. Content farms are defined by Wikipedia as a site that hires large number of freelance and professional writers to create content that is designed to provide maximum retrieval of the produced text by search engines, thanks to the fact that it is written to satisfy the regulations of the Google algorithms.

There are many websites that use content that is simply spam, but that contain high amounts of keywords and keyword phrases. The Google Panda Update is designed to demote those sites and drop their rankings through the floor. Now, instead of focusing exclusively on the keywords used on these sites, the Google Panda Update is causing the search engine to look through the content to find text that is actually relevant and accurate.

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