Slow Moving Moon Over Vietnam (A Poem)

Sluggish Moon over Vietnam

(in the slopes of Cam Ranh Bay)

(in May of’71)

The sea thunders,

as the 6.5 prc ammo poured

over Vietnam

(in this conflict)- ;

also, here, here I sit

in it

in a hooch

as a sleeping enclosure,

singing tunes

drinking lager

wine and vodka

the entire evening,


laying with


pretty as a peas,

it’s the way things are

more often than not here

in Vietnam….

When, when, when

is this conflict

always going to end

furthermore, go insane?

An excessive number of dull

marble-peered toward rodents,

scorpions, bull-mosquitoes,

reptiles like subterranean insects.

Around 50% of the fighters


are on dope,

under the sluggish

moving moon:

some have gone

to recovery, in Japan,

others are kept

in lone, high metal

boxes, tight as can be;

the other half

are under the type of alcohol

all are under a cloudiness

from the downpour,

what’s more, some are going off the deep end

from killing.

Furthermore, I’m some place

between this


furthermore, I won’t miss!

Rockets inbound

coming from across

the sound

(it’s evening time):

the Viet Cong

have been pausing

day in and day out…

they’ve been

pausing, stowing away

preparing to kill,

in the encompassing slopes,


in Cam Ranh Bay


Written in Vietnam, May 1971,

Reconsidered and changed, 2-11-2008

Note: While in Vietnam in the period of May, 1971, we had trusted that the Viet Cong will emerge from the
slopes encompassing Cam Ranh inlet, however they didn’t they went to the opposite side and began to rocket the three ammunition dumps we had, not certain why, it was where they got their ammunition additionally, by sprucing up to seem to be South Vietnam Soldiers, and frequently coming into the dumps and gathering lots of weapons, and us American fighters not being the savvier who we were giving them to. Stupid as it was, it didn’t stop, even after they bombarded the Air Force dump one night, killing one man in a terrible terminated that shook all of Cam Ranh Bay.

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